When the Control Freak Comes Out…

Wow! I can’t believe that last time I checked in was 2019 ha! I did take some time off to spend with family, enjoy the Christmas season… and jump into the new year!

Speaking of the new year, this year has gone off with a bang- I don’t know where you live, since I have readers all over the world, but things around here have been crazy! Between the snow days and influenza A/B (which we’re so thankful that we haven’t had bad cases of!)

I have so many friends dealing with the death of loved ones, sickness with themselves or their kids, moves with their jobs/husband’s job or even cross country moves… it’s enough to make you feel like your going crazy. Loosing complete control over your sanity

I mean, maybe I’m the only one here that can raise her hand super high but I’ll admit it- I feel like I’m a control freak some days… more days than not. It’s not like I want to control things, it’s that I feel like things get loaded on me or that they have to get done and well, sometimes I’m the only one that can do it right? (I’m totally not discounting my husband’s help here- I have one of the best around and he totally pulls his weight and pitches in for sure!!)

But how many times do we feel overwhelmed and overdone, like we just can’t get it all done. When the control part disappears and the freak just shows up and we don’t know how to reign in all the anxiety that’s brewing up inside us. We don’t know which way to go, or what to do. We feel completely helpless at this point. When we’ve lived at the doctors office for the last month, the moving is coming but we’re not sure how to pack yet or when to start, the new job is starting but the old has to finish and all the “stuff” that comes with wrapping that up…. or maybe we’re just starting a new phase of life… and it’s scary. Exciting but scary.

Psalm 94:19 says “When anxiety was great within me your consultation brought me joy.”

Everyone experiences anxiety.

You’re not different.

You’re not weird.

You’re not alone.

It’s actually normal. We all feel it, even if we don’t talk about it. Some have a lot of anxiety, some have a little, some don’t even know that’s what they’re feeling! But we all feel it. And you know what? God knew we would. He knew we would experience that hole of anxiety. He knew we would feel hopeless, sometimes friendless, lost and need help at some point or another in our desperate January and February’s of a year of life.

When Anxiety was great within me your consultation brought me joy.

Consultation definition – a meeting with an expert or professional, such as a medical doctor, in order to seek advice.

I don’t know how to define God any better than “an Expert… “A Professional”…. “A Medical Doctor”…

So when you’re feeling the dreaded January and February drear… the doom from the never shining sun… when you feel that sinking anxiety like all of us do…. when you know the nurses by name and they recognize your voice on the phone when you call for the 1500th time this week… when you’re not sure what the future holds for your family…. have a meeting. The best part is you don’t have to pay a co-pay. You don’t have to see if He’s covered in your insurance or out of network, you don’t have to go anywhere special- or even shower. You just have to meet with a Him where-ever you are. He will take your anxiety and trade it out for joy! No matter what your circumstances are.

Happy 2020!

As always


Ps- be watching for some yummy breakfast ideas I’ll be sharing soon!!!

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