Veggie Tales…. and Deep Thoughts

Something special Kennedy and I always do now that Jenetta is in school, and frankly it’s sometimes the only way to bribe her (don’t judge me – I’m not above bribery!) is to watch a show for 15 mins before nap time. It honestly saves my sanity. It’s like our “tradition”. And I know in just a few short years- I’m really going to miss that time with her. So she picks something… and today was a Veggie Tales, “Dave and the Giant Pickle”.

If you’re not familiar with it- it’s a spin off of David and Goliath.. I mean, basically the same… with vegetables as the actors. It’s really quite cute- I watched it growing up and love that my kids love them. It’s actually something that makes me smile because my grandma used to get us the newest one (on VHS 😂) every time they came out! I’m sure my parents still have the collection….

But it really got me thinking. The whole thing is about not feeling special and how God can use anyone…. because David was the smallest, the youngest… (if you haven’t read the story- or need a refresher – 1 Samual 17) and they treated him like a baby..unimportant.. he wasn’t even good enough to go fight in the army to help save their people… he had to stay back and care for the sheep. I mean, come on! Blah. Boring. My siblings are out like at the ACTION…. and they look at me say “ah, sorry you’re way too young, and too small… you’ve got to stay behind… we gotta have someone take care of these sheep…” 🙄 not cool.

Do you ever feel unimportant?

How about at work? Or better yet- in your relationship with your spouse/significant other ….. as a parent?

Being a parent can make you feel like the tiniest, most worthless being on the planet (speaking from experience 😂) on top of feeling like you’re totally messing them up with every choice and decision you make.

Ever feel unappreciated? Like “why am I even here, or doing this!?” (Hello- back to parenting 😂)

I think a lot of the problem is society… and fear.

How often does the world tell us we can’t do something? Because we’re too young, too old, we’re a woman, a man, white, black etc. – the list seriously goes on for miles. Our society has come up with this idea that it should be able to control what we do, how we think. But in reality look at David and Goliath in 1 Samuel- in worldly standards it never should’ve happened. David should’ve been defeated end of the story. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t even suppose to be there(thanks dad for sending him to check on the brothers and sending food!!) yet he was! He was the smallest of the brothers, just a baby, practically…. yet he defeated the huge giant that the WHOLE army was afraid of- ONLY because he moved when God said move!

How many times do we stay when we feel God say move, because we’re scared of the giant thats in front of us? We’re scared of what people will think, or how we’ll be perceived. What people will say… or just flat out scare of the unknown.

Or… what if I really can’t do it.

I remember telling my girls “you can be and do anything you want”….. because I remember someone telling me that, right? When did we stop believing it? When did we let the world change our thoughts instead of letting God move us? When did we stop moving because we were afraid of failure? Afraid of people, instead remembering that our God is whole lot bigger than our “what if’s”. What if David wouldn’t have stepped up when he felt God pushing him to fight Goliath… ever thought of that? What if he would’ve ran back home when the king doubted him?

So today, I want you to remember- that you are important just like David was- he was a piece in Gods perfect puzzle. And God has a perfect spot for your puzzle piece life too. Your mundane every day life is special, and important. Your crazy days with your kids- they’re meaningful and there is a plan! You might not be fighting a physical giant today, but maybe you feel like your fighting a mental one- or a spiritual one- give that giant to God and watch what He does through you!

“I can do all this through Him who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

“Cast all your anxiety on the Lord, because He cares for you!” 1 Peter 5:7


2 thoughts on “Veggie Tales…. and Deep Thoughts

  1. God is totally using this post to speak yet some MORE to me about this. From last night at Awana to this morning with the Right Now Media I FINALLY took time to listen to, to the WOM meeting I JUST came from this afternoon. The fear. It does move us too much. Usually in the wrong direction. And about the moments…yes, amen. I could be inspired to write my own blog post on all of this! Thanks for the encouragement…and the reminders of God and His promises!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️ can’t wait to catch up with you on all of this!!!!


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