Pull out the smoker!

Spring has finally sprung in mid Missouri and to say we we’re ever excited and thankful is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Boy what a winter it has been. Actually, writing this I’m enjoying the first lounge in my hammock in the yard, listening to my kiddos play on their play-set and my husband mow the grass. You really couldn’t ask for a better evening. We’ve had temperatures in the 70° with a slight breeze, just enough to make you want to do everything outside!

Which, is exactly what I’ve done today! I even drug the laundry outside to fold…. yes it might have been a little ridiculous- but I needed the extra vitamins!

Not only did I do laundry outside but I pulled our smoker out and decided that we needed some chicken for supper! Now, we don’t have a fancy smoker- but it’s perfect for our family! This one was given to my husband as a gift many years ago and I’ve loved using it over and over through the years!

Among chicken, you can smoke all kinds of things. We mainly do chicken and pork though. Ours isn’t extremely large (which is perfect for storing in the garage!!!) so we can’t do extremely large cuts of meat (again, we don’t need that for what we eat or want!)

I usually inject the chicken with a bunch of different things, depending on what I feel like that day 🙂 today I used Italian seasoning mixed with oil and a splash of vinegar. I shot it in the meat with an injection needle to really flavor it up, and then seasoned it really good all over with salt and pepper. Any Italian seasoning I had left over I poured inside the chicken cavity and on top.

You’ll have to use some kind of wood chips, I used hickory chips- and just like there are different types of meat to smoke, there are different wood chips you can use! Apple, for instance, would be great for smoking anything pork!

I fill one of the containers full of water, which I always watch because half way through the smoking I have to fill again. And the other (with the lid) I add my wood chips.

Then I insert the thermometer and make sure to keep it away from the breasts bones (the bone gives a warmer reading than if you just insert it into the meat!) and set my thermometer to “chicken”. I love mine because it tells me exactly the right temperature when it’s done (180°).

I put our smoker on high and “leave it and forget it”! This is around a 5 lb chicken and it takes around 2.5 hours to smoke on high. I make sure to check the water halfway through and fill the water reservoir back up.

After it’s smoked and the inside temperature is reading done, the outside should have a really nice color to it!

Smoked chicken is delicious by itself but we also love to make up a white sauce to go with it. You can find the recipe for that at https://www.google.com/amp/amp.timeinc.net/myrecipes/recipe/white-barbecue-sauce-3

It’s an amazing touch to pour over the chicken or dip pieces into!!!

If you’ve been considering a smoker, you should definitely snatch one up. There’s just something about smoked meat that is a summer staple and sooo tasty!!!!


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  1. This looks amazing!!!!!

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