Gluten free Oat Pancakes!

Sometimes we have pancakes for supper… let’s be honest- if we’re going to have pancakes, it’s probably going to be for supper… with 2 kids 6 and under- the idea of making a huge breakfast is daunting. Yes, they get up early enough, let me assure you- that is not the issue. But something about breakfast at night is just something our family really enjoys.

So every so often- we pull out the waffle maker (I HATE making waffles- maybe it’s the mess? Who knows, but this is my husbands job if waffles are to be made…) or pancakes make it on the agenda….. sometimes paired with scrambled eggs and bacon!

I’m not someone who likes to make “conventional” pancakes, I guess. My family is always guessing, to their dismay (I secretly think they like it, even if their face isn’t showing it and their eyes are rolling back in their heads every time I set a new platter creation in front of them!!) I’ve used banana’s, applesauce, peanut butter, cinnamon… just to name a few… but my latest favorite and actually one that EVERYONE loved- was my oat pancake creation!!!

Now, I’ve blended oats up for different recipes that I’ve blogged about… some cookies etc- (if you want to check them out- you can do so here 👉🏼 and that’s exactly what I’m going to do for this. Instead of using a gluten free flour, I’m going to use quick oats, and blend them to a super fine flour. Not only does it give the pancakes a delicious flavor and a little different texture, but it also helps with keeping the kiddos full! It’s that perfect evening meal that lasts them all through the night (and would be great for breakfast if you’re actually normal and make them in the morning 😂)

After blending the oats in the food processor, you mix everything like you normally would- I make sure to have a little “oat flour” left over In-case my batter seems a little too thin. Sometimes it does so I just add a little until it thickens up to where I want it to be! Remember the longer the batter sits the thicker it will get (quick oats 😉 ) so you don’t want them to be too thick right off the bat!

Be sure to add your “add in’s”, we like blueberries etc (you can also cut out some of the sugar and add in some applesauce! It’ll give it a really nice sweet taste without the added white sugar, and also a pleasant texture!!) but these are delicious plain as well! And flip when they start bubbling up all over- I set my skillet to about 350* and don’t rush them- if you do you’ll end up with a sloppy mess everywhere (lesson learned… I’ve not always been a great pancake flipper… just ask the hubs….)

As you can see they fluff up really nice!!

Oat Pancakes


3 cups oat flour (quick oats ground to flour)

4 tablespoons granulated sugar

4 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 eggs

3 cups buttermilk or sour milk (add one and a half tablespoons of vinegar to your milk and let sit)

3 tablespoons cooking oil

Desired add ins (fruit, chocolate chips etc)


Grind your oats to a flour and then add all of your dry ingredients together.

Combine your eggs, buttermilk/sour milk and oil with a fork and add all at once to the dry ingredients.

Stir just until the dry ingredients are moist- is batter is still too thin add a little more of your “oat flour” until you get to your desired consistency.

Add your desired add ins.

Cook on a hot greased skillet set to 350*. Once the pancake is bubbly and the bubbles pop flip.



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