Quick and Easy Gluten free loaded nacho’s

My last several blogs have been all sweet tooth treats. And as much as I love making sweet things, I love making savory things too! Nacho’s aren’t only easy to make, but something that everyone in my family love. They also make a lot- so great for company, or left overs for the next night!!

These nacho’s can be made with either chicken, pork or beef. This time I decided to mix pork sausage and ground pork for a nice little spicy taste, however we usually prefer chicken.

In gluten free cooking, you have to remember to look at everything- one thing I never thought of was cream soups. For instance “cream of mushroom” or “cream of chicken”, unless stated gluten free, generally (not always) isn’t gluten free. Always read the ingredients!! However, I really prefer to make my own “cream” sauce or roux! It’s super easy, and I don’t have to worry about having a can on hand.. I also know exactly what’s in it then!

To make your cream sauce/roux, you simply just melt 4 tablespoons of butter in a sauce pan. Once it’s melted add 4 tablespoons of your gluten free flour (again my Amish store blend!) and stir until it clumps up. Now you’re going to add your milk, but you will want to add it really slowly and stir with a whisk so you don’t have clumps. If you’re cooking with chicken, you can add some of the broth into the milk mixture too- pour the milk until the flour mixture is thin (a cup or two of milk), keeping the heat on medium. You’ll want to continue to stir constantly without stopping so the milk doesn’t stick. After several minutes you’ll notice that your milk starts to thicken up, keep stirring until it has the thick cream of soup consistency! Add salt and pepper to taste.

That was the hardest part! Next just brown your meat (or cook your chicken). This is something I love to do in the crockpot too! You cook the meat in the crock pot all day on low and then just throw everything together right before you eat!

Next, add your taco seasoning (make sure it’s gluten free! Or make your own!) salsa, and lastly your cream cheese. The cream cheese will need a few minutes to melt.

Once it’s melted you’re ready to go! You can top your nacho’s with anything you like, my family is a little on the boring side and just like cheese- but lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, peppers etc. would all make delicious choices!!!



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