Tea Party!

My little sister and brother in law live in North Carolina. And since that’s a good 17+ hour drive to our tiny little Midwest Missouri hometown, they don’t always get to come home for the holidays. But my sister always comes up with the most amazing gifts! This year for the kids she and my brother in law made Blanket Fort Kits (there can be another blog about that)!! They were a HUGE hit!

This year my sister got creative… (not that she isn’t always creative hence the fort kit) she found these adorable little vintage coffee mugs and matching saucers and made her own candles. There is something absolutely soothing about this teacup candle! Not only does it smell amazing, it looks terrific, and it’s so handy with the little teacup handle- have you ever tried to move a hot candle from one counter to another? Ok, maybe that’s just me… on top of an amazing vintage candle, she also sent these little single steep tea packets and a jar of some local honey ❤️❤️❤️

Now, I’m not a huge hot tea drinker, or so I thought. So when I opened the first one she gave me (peach brûlée) I wasn’t sure what to expect….. what came next, however, was incredible! That Peach brûlée tea might have been the best hot tea I have ever tasted in my life! And this Honey Yuzu is a close second!

These little loose tea packets are so handy since they’re already measured out for a 12 oz cup. They fit my favorite mug perfectly (Although I’m not going to lie, I split mine in half to make it last longer, since I loved it so much!) and would be great to slide down in your purse, bag or take on your next trip.

I simply just boiled my water in the microwave; while it was boiling I put the loose tea in my handy tea infuser and then right into the water it went! I loved not having to brew an entire pitcher, the ease, and how quick it was (I’m not a very patient person!)

Amazon sells these amazing little single serve packets (28 packets!) assorted variety- you can check them out by clicking Tea Forté Single serve tea pouches (they even have free shipping right now!!)

If you’re a hot tea drinker (or even if you’re not) you really need to check out these flavors! The variety is incredible. From Carmel Nougat to Vanilla Pear, I want to try every single one!

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried these before, or if you end up trying them! Leave me a comment below!

Happy sipping!


*if you click the link above to purchase a product it won’t charge you anything, but I might get compensation for your purchase.*

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